The Cylor dynasty (15061559 OE) was the first of the three dynasties of Hallanbor, preceding the Toha dynasty.

History Edit

Founding Hallanbor Edit

The Cylor lived in the historical province of Hallanbor with two other clans, after the previous kingdom in the region had ended up scattered due to a succesion war in the fifteenth century of Occult Era. Since they were the biggest of the three clans, the Ragune and Hosoban clans were weary of them and started conspiring against the Cylor.

When clan leader Murkilis heard about this, he sent out men in the night to kill all of the other clan leaders' children. The two other clan leaders in Hallanbor could not prove who had done it, and even though Murkilis nearly managed to set them up against each other, they eventually found out, but were not sufficiently prepared to counter the armies Murkilis had been training in the meantime.

Murkilis' son Alrovan took over the reign during the war to take over the province of Hallanbor, since his father got wounded in battle. King Alrovan conquered the rest of the province by 1506 OE, secured the borders and named it Hallanbor.

Reign Edit

During his reign, Alrovan's son King Gumir conquered the neighboring province as well. With a fair number of internal and external enemies holding grudges against them however, the Cylor dynasty only lasted for half a century.

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