A dragon is one of the sentient species that live on Edia. They are the largest known sentient species and also have one of the longest lifespans.

Status Edit

For a long time, dragons were not recognized as a sentient species. Their lack of resemblance to other sentient species and tumultuous history have been pointed out as major causes for this.

Life cycle Edit

The dragon species has one of the longest lifespans among the species that live on Edia, however also one of the most varying. Nearly all dragons that die of a natural cause, live between five hundred and ten thousand years old. This is dependent on subspecies, but more largely on endured stress. Dragons are known to age much faster in troubled times.

Birth Edit

Dragon eggs are laid by female dragons on the top of mountains or in caves.

Subspecies Edit

Dragons have many subspecies that define their anatomy, their size, the color of their scales and their abilities. Depending on the subspecies, they will also have a different habitat and their diet will vary.

Habitat Edit

Dragon habitats are one of the widest on Edia. Various subspecies of dragons can be found from the north and south poles to the desert.

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