An era is a unit of historical periods which usually spans over a couple of thousands of years, in which the Edia timeline is counted.

New era Edit

Deciding upon a new era is not an easy task. Some nations or areas may not believe it is useful to start a new era because the event that is deemed significant by other nations did not really affect them. Usually, starting a new era happens retroactively through negotations in which leaders of different states partake.

Before the Eras Edit

Before the Eras is the common name for events that took place before the first known era. Unlike the named eras, this period counts down from the starting point of the first era, years with a higher number being more distant in the past.

Crafting Era Edit

Main article: Crafting Era

Move from collectors to more agraric / first written sources.

Brutal Era Edit

Main article: Brutal Era

Push-back of agriculture by tribal cultures, species of another continent manage to cross over.

Mystic Era Edit

Main article: Mystic Era

The Mystic Era is marked by several mystical creatures and old species knowing their glory time here. Passive powers like divination.

Dragon Era Edit

Main article: Dragon Era

Originally called the Magic Era. Ending marked by dragon war: reduction of amount of dragons.

Forging Era Edit

Main article: Forging Era

Dragons are evil: feudal era, knights become popular and dragons are slain some more, but dies out at later time.

Occult Era Edit

Main article: Occult Era

Glory time of several non-magical species, such as humans. Hunting magical creatures.

Phoenix Era Edit

Main article: Phoenix Era

Era after the Fiends. Exploration towards other areas of the world.

Current Era Edit

Main article: Current Era

Ongoing era, most developments of modern technology happen here.

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