The Four Fiends are the main antagonist of the Order of Eläinrata. They are four dark creatures from the Underworld who return to Edia regularly in an attempt to get supreme control over it, attempts that thusfar have been blocked by the Order of Eläinrata. At the same time, they are the object of worship of the Cetian cult, who consider them divine beings and refer to them as Aetates.

Names Edit

The Four Fiends or Aetates are the following,

Cetiani Edit

The Four Fiends are worshiped by the Cetian cult or the Cetiani as divine beings or gods. The Cetiani believe that they are the rightful godly rulers of Edia. While it is undeniable that the Fiends have made victims in their advents to Edia in the past, those are considered necessary sacrifices of sinners or non-believers or—in extreme cases—sacrifices made to reach the supreme goal. This can be compared to the Order of Eläinrata's non-Fiend victims in wars against the Four Fiends.

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