A House is a living community within the Order of Eläinrata. There are twelve Houses, which are each lead by their own Paladin and have their own Rook as living quarters. Even though Aithne is the only Luminary alive to found the Order, all of the Twelve Luminaries are the patrons of their own House.

Twelve Houses Edit

Zodiac Name Patron Paladin
House of Aries Aithne Vallerie Caelius (since 1281)
House of Taurus Takeo
House of Gemini Camryn
House of Cancer Eravindua
House of Leo Gunvor Jazukari Keyon (since 1269)
House of Virgo Tyre
House of Libra Sylvia
House of Scorpio Ren
House of Sagittarius Denes
House of Capricorn Thorvilis
House of Aquarius Niall
House of Pisces Ekua
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