A human is one of the sentient species that live on Edia. There are between roughly one and two billion humans, with varying degree of hybridity with other species. Humans are omnivorous and have a life expectancy of roughly 70 years, with variation mostly depending on their living conditions.

Life cycle Edit

Growing up Edit

A human child starts to walk and utter its first sounds around the age of twelve months. It changes from baby teeth to adult teeth around the age of six. Puberty runs from around age 11 to 16 for girls and age 12 to 17 for boys.

Adulthood Edit

A human is legally considered an adult at age 18 in most countries. Biologically, the aging process usually starts in the human's twenties.

Life expectancy Edit

Depending mostly on living conditions, human life expectancy is around seventy years old. The majority of humans die from natural causes between ages sixty and ninety.

Meta-information Edit

The human species of Edia is based off the one on earth. As such, role-players may assume that features not described above are the same on Edia as they are on earth.

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