Jazukari Keyon (♌ 1194—present), often referred to as Jaz Keyon or Sir Jaz, is the Paladin of the House of Leo since 1269 of Current Era.

Personality Edit

Jazukari Keyon is a stubborn and quite stern but strong Paladin. He is known to be proud, but his pride stretches beyond himself and he will speak proudly of the knights and trainees of the House of Leo as well. Despite not sharing a lot about his life before or outside the Order of Eläinrata, he cares deeply about the members of his House and frequently addresses them personally when he knows something is up.

Jaz Keyon sticks quite close to the book regarding rules and people's words, but he does prefer to be called "Sir Jaz" over his official form of address ("Sir Jazukari") and may let others know that explicitly. He sometimes gets ticked off by small comments, and will for instance react peevishly when pointed out that he made a mistake in Kalevan.

Relations Edit

Alvar L. Thomsen (♌)

Sir Jaz has been combat teacher of Alvar Thomsen since 1278 and gets along with him well. Jaz makes training a challenge for his students, including Alvar. Jaz appreciates Alvar's serious and devoted attitude in the Order and therefore places a fair amount of trust in him.

Eudora (♌)

Even though Sir Jaz no longer has contact with Eudora as frequently, she is one of his recruits into the Order and also thanks to her devotion he has a good relationship with her.

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