Lucter, in his early life Lucter of Geirsa, was the religious leader of a minor religion during the first appearance of the Four Fiends. He died at the hands of Savis. Lucter is the brother of Ramiel of Geirsa and may be the father of one of the Luminaries, Gunvor.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Lucter was born as Lucter of Geirsa, oldest son of a minor noble in Saurjar. However, at a young age, he met a priest who had travelled up to their northern lands on a pilgrimage to see the aurora. Many years later, he abandoned his noble title to pursue what he believed to be his fate in this priest's religion, and travelled south to practice it. He dedicated two decades of his life to serving as an acolyte and then a priest, until he would eventually become its religious leader.

Fiends Edit

Lucter was known to be one of the first to openly suspect the Fiends, who were in guise as regular living beings at that time. He sent his priests, amongst whom also Tyre, out as prophets to spread this to other lands, while he stayed and declared the same in the city they had their religious center in.

When the power of the Fiends grew stronger, he was seen as a threat to the empire he was in, then being lead by a disguised Savis as emperor. He was brought to the capital to stand trial by Savis, but when interrogated in the imperial throne room he used his power to successfully call out Savis' true nature, who then killed Lucter in rage.

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