Order of Eläinrata map

Map of the state, using the size of the Order of Eläinrata as a scale.

The Order of Eläinrata is an organization created at the start of the Phoenix Era, with as goal to train its members to fight against the Four Fiends and to guard the Eläinrata. The Order of Eläinrata is also the geographical and political area that functions as capital of the State of Eläinrata.

Location Edit

The Order of Eläinrata's geographical region is the central part of the State of Eläinrata. It is located south of Sininen and north of Ristetä. The east and west borders of the region are country borders.

The main fortification of the Order of Eläinrata, including both the headquarters as well as the buildings within and close to the double wall, is not the only construction within the geographical location. The Spire is also located within these geographical borders but roughly three miles from the outer wall.

History Edit

After the defeat of the Four Fiends, Aithne founded the Order of Eläinrata in 1 PE, marking the beginning of the Phoenix Era.


Governance Edit

Governing organ Edit

The Order of Eläinrata is lead by the Council of Paladins, the leaders of the twelve Houses. This Council of Paladins make most important decisions together; House-specific decisions are made by the Paladin of that House.

Law Edit

In the Phoenix Era, the law was written in a book of rules kept at the headquarters of the Order, with one copy present in each Rook as well. Revisions were made by the Council of Paladins on a regular basis and handed out on separate papers to each of the Houses so they could put it in their copy. A revised edition of the rule book for all Rooks was originally made every three year and five months, and after the invention of the printing press every thirteen months. The old copies are passed down to senior members of the Houses.

In Current Era, the tradition of one copy at the headquarters and one in every Rook is still maintained, but copies are freely accessible on the internet within the Order. While every House could have its members copy the book manually before after having been officially handed a copy, a dozen of printed copies are available now in every House's library.

Structure Edit

Order map

Rough map of the Order's main fortification.

The Order of Eläinrata has two layers of fortification:

  • Outer wall: six gates (at every 60° starting from north) allow for entrance through the outer wall.
  • Inner wall: twelve buildings, the Rooks, serve as residence and living area for the members of the twelve Houses as well as as passage to the headquarters.

In the center of the Order, the headquarters are located, sided by two buildings that serve both as supply depots as well as an extra (minor) defense line. No major explosives are stored here to make sure the headquarters will not receive damage if the supplies are bombed, but they do store firearms and other weapons. Anti-air defense is built upon the roofs.

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