A Rook is a fortress used as both fortification of the Order of Eläinrata's inner wall and as living quarters for the member of one specific House. There are twelve Rooks that are built in a circle around the Order's Headquarters, one for each of the Houses.

History Edit

The twelve Rooks were originally built on the first inner wall, before the Order of Eläinrata had double fortification. When an additional wall was built further around the first one, the Rooks were initially kept in the central wall. After destruction of both walls during an attack of the Four Fiends however, the Rooks were moved to the then outer wall.

Both walls were destroyed again later, in late Phoenix Era, and the outer one was restored but the inner was not. Not long after, the construction of a new and modern outer wall further away started. The previous outer wall with the Rooks was kept and became the new inner wall.

Twelve Rooks Edit

Zodiac Formal name Informal name Architectural style
Aries Rook Medieval
Taurus Rook Industrial
Gemini Rook Castor and Pollux Steampunk
Cancer Rook Coastal
Leo Rook Maihes Mediterranean
Virgo Rook Modern chic
Libra Rook Science fiction
Scorpio Rook Victorian
Sagittarius Rook Western
Capricorn Rook Provincial
Aquarius Rook Art deco
Pisces Rook Namaka Asian
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