Savis is one of the Four Fiends, known as Aucto by the Cetian cult. He was exposed by Lucter upon the Fiends' first arrival.

Personality Edit

Savis represents inflicted suffering and precedented deaths. Examples include inflicted pain and banishment, manslaughter, murder and war.

Appearances Edit

Ruling Levedia Edit

The Four Fiends first appeared in the late Occult Era. When Savis went to take a physical form, he travelled to Levedia to take over its rule.

Savis took the shape as one of Emperor Nithydel's servants in order to get close to him and snuck up into his quarters at night to get into his body. From then, Savis slowly absorbed the emperor's being from the inside out in order to obtain the way he lived. He took Emperor Nithydel's place in ruling over Levedia.

Lucter, who upon preaching in Levedia, saw a change in Emperor Nithydel's ruling and noticed how his rule pulled a dark shadow over his lands, realized this was Savis' doing. He started preaching against Levedia's ruler, which did get him arrested for treason. He was brought in front of Emperor Nithydel in the throne room to stand trial, but instead exposed the emperor as being Savis.

Savis, infuriated because this called him out of his guise, killed Lucter promptly and ravaged the castle, causing the death of most of people present. Nevertheless, one of the court ladies, Sylvia of Nydra, managed to escape from the scene.

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