Sentient species on Edia are distinguished from other species like animals in their cognitive abilities and moral thinking.

Law Edit

Legally, every sentient species has rights, of which an important notion is that there should not be any discrimination based on species. Some wars that occurred in Current Era have been retroactively declared illegal on these grounds.

List Edit

Species Recognized subspecies Life expectancy
  • montane
  • nether
  • planar
  • silvan
3,000—4,000 years
human 70 years
vampire undead
This section is still a draft and probably prone to change!
  • dragons
  • dwarves
  • fairies
  • merefolk
  • nymphs
    • dryads
  • orcs
  • pixies
  • shapeshifters
    • werewolves
    • selkies
  • trolls
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