Order of Eläinrata map

Map of the state, using the size of the Order of Eläinrata as a scale.

The State of Eläinrata is a nation on the continent of Vetura and one of the longest existing nations on Edia. It is the political body in which the Order of Eläinrata is located. The state is divided in three territories: the Order itself and two villages, one north and one south of the Order.

Geography Edit

The State of Eläinrata consists of the following political areas:

Known landmarks Edit

Demography Edit

Languages Edit

The official language of the State of Eläinrata since its foundation is Calevan. Official documents and legislation may be made available in other languages provided that a translator is available and in exchange for appropriate payment.

In order to acquire citizenship, one must be able to speak a certain level of Calevan.

Citizenship Edit

Citizenship is usually acquired after initiation as a Knight in the Order of Eläinrata. Anyone who loses citizenship in the State of Eläinrata without holding another nationality, receives citizenship in the country where they first acquired citizenship.

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